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    We are now accepting applications to be a part of our Spring 2020 cohort. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and the Spring program runs from January through April.

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  • Fall '19 Cohort

    Our current cohort is filled with a diverse mix of legal technology startups. From AI to Professional Development we're proud to call this group our own.


    LawZam is a web application that helps legal consumers find attorneys and purchase online legal consultations by text chat and video conference. LawZam’s network includes attorneys in every U.S. state, including lawyers practicing family law, personal injury, criminal defense, wills and estates, immigration, and many other practices. LawZam is developing a new service that will enable their network attorneys to offer and sell flat fee services to clients.


    1LAW is a virtual legal services platform developed by lawyers to improve the delivery of legal services from enterprise to small law firms. The pillars of the platform are communication, automation and cyber-security. 1LAW puts the power of the platform in the hands of the expert, allowing lawyers and technologists to tailor their own solutions. Ever mindful of Access to Justice issues throughout the world 1LAW provides many public facing tools and solutions for free.


    Formally is a legal tech startup that simplifies asylum and immigration forms, specifically focused on tackling the lack of legal representation for asylum seekers in the United States. Currently about 86% of asylum seekers have no legal representation, making them 5 times more likely to be rejected. Formally works with high impact immigration organizations and lawyers to streamline their processes by making complicated forms accessible to applicants. This allows partners to triple the number of clients they can help. Formally also provides a solution for asylum seekers and refugees who cannot access a lawyer. Formally provides translations into 100+ languages as well as valuable context and accessible design to make these highly complex forms accessible. Once the applicant fills our information, Formally can pre-populate all subsequent forms: from fee waivers to social security applications.


    KaleidoGlobe is a business-to-business cloud software technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, with an additional presence in Boston, MA. The company specializes in applying state-of-the-art algorithms in natural language processing, machine learning, and Bayesian statistics to the discovery, organization, and machine comprehension of unstructured text content. The company was founded late 2018 by MIT graduates with management consulting experience who wanted to create a commercial solution that could maximize the value of information present within the knowledge bases of large enterprises. As of late 2019, the company is adapting its core technology for legal document analytics and is actively seeking partnerships in legal services sector.


    SpeedLegal helps lawyers streamline legal due diligence and document review. SpeedLegal allows their users to reduce 50% of the cost of legal due diligence and avoid making mistakes so they can make more deals. SpeedLegal uses a set of machine learning tools to extract useful data from bulk-uploaded contracts so lawyers can focus on the parts that require more attention. SpeedLegal’s users have higher ROIs on the document review process compared to those not using its red-flag analysis and summary report features.
  • Spring '19 Cohort

    Our Inaugural Cohort included four great companies using very different applications of legal technology.


    Spring 19

    Syntexys is a document analytics startup that uses machine learning and statistical natural language processing to provide business insights, mitigate risk, and predict contract outcomes. With Syntexys Contract Analytics, enterprises can load thousands of contracts, build custom reports sourced directly from contract language, and search instantly for abstract legal concepts. Syntexys spun out from A³, Airbus's Silicon Valley innovation center.


    Spring 19

    The speed of business is increasing. But in growing organizations, legal teams often have a hard time keeping up with the increased deal volume and velocity. Businesses have tried to eliminate the bottleneck by requiring their legal teams to either work longer hours or hire more people, leading to employee burnout, higher costs, or both.


    At Clearlaw, we started with the mindset that quality contract review shouldn't force a trade-off between speed and accuracy. With new technology, we can make use of all the existing intelligence within the team to both better mitigate risk and speed up the pipeline to keep pace with sales. And what we have created is a virtual assistant to guide the legal team through continuous and augmented contract review. The "legal bottleneck" disappears, team attrition is reduced, and revenue is closed faster.


    Clearlaw: Contracts in minutes, not weeks.


    Spring 19

    VictorAi has built a virtual compliance officer. Using artificial intelligence, Victor.ai simplifies compliance by helping law firms and companies achieve and maintain compliance with applicable local, state and federal regulations. Our first product focuses on compliance with data privacy laws and regulations as well as with any privacy terms contained in contracts to which the firm or company is a signatory. Our platform will soon expand to cover additional compliance needs as well.

    Due Course App

    Spring 19

    DueCourse is a learning platform that helps lawyers develop essential skills and achieve peak performance through custom video courses and personalized learning. We work with professional development teams at top law firms to create courses tailored to the individual needs of each attorney with a focus on promoting growth and accelerating development. We’re building an AI-powered platform that designs personalized development paths, allowing lawyers to map and track their progress and take control of their career at the firm.

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