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    LexLab at UC Hastings Law Welcomes its

    Spring 2020 Accelerator Program Participants


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    Samara Sargeant



    SAN FRANCISCO (Jan 16th, 2020) -- LexLab at UC Hastings Law, an innovation hub for emerging legal technologies, today welcomes its third cohort of legal tech startups.


    Following the success of its first two cohorts, LexLab has accepted five legal tech startups to participate in the third class of their accelerator program. The five startups joining this Spring represent a diverse selection from the legal tech space.


    “We’re excited to get to work with this group of companies. It was incredible to see the growth of the startups during our inaugural cohort. Now, with a year under our belt, we know even more about how to help these companies prepare for success in the legal tech space,” said Drew Amerson, Director of LexLab.


    Participants in last year’s inaugural cohort include Formally, a legal tech startup that simplifies asylum and immigration forms, Kaleidoglobe, a company specializing in applying state-of-the-art algorithms in natural language processing, machine learning, and Bayesian statistics to the discovery, organization, and machine comprehension of unstructured text content, and LawZam, a web application that helps legal consumers find attorneys and purchase online legal consultations by text chat and video conference.


    The Spring 2020 cohort will ultimately participate in LexLab’s Demo Day on April 15th, which will see the startups make pitches to potential investors.


    The startups in the 2020 cohort are:




    Lawgood makes it fast and easy for lawyers to draft better contracts. With Lawgood's Contract Workbench, lawyers can draft contracts from scratch in minutes, no precedent library or expensive practice resources required .


    With it's intuitive design and crowdsourced data approach, lawyers can change the favorability and language of a clause with a push of a button based on market standards for specific locations and industries. Contract Workbench empowers lawyers to deliver efficient and high quality services to better compete in the fast-changing legal industry.


    Lawgood was founded by a team of lawyers, law professors, and machine learning experts.



    Parley Pro is a modern, web-based, intuitive, collaborative contract negotiation and management solution that provides an easy-to-use workflow, helping companies to improve productivity and accelerate contract time-to-close. The platform streamlines negotiation by

    replacing emails, attachments, and redlines with an automated workflow -- no more manually reconciling documents and poring over long email threads. The proactive contract management engine manages contract key milestones and sends timely email notifications

    and deadline alerts. Parley Pro's analytics component allows you to easily report on non-standard terms, renewals, and other contract metrics in real-time -- no more manually maintaining and updating spreadsheets. Parley Pro customers report shorter contract cycles, better outcomes, and improved relationships among stakeholders.


    ProvenX is the "AirBnB" of legal knowledge for lawyers - a marketplace for professional “know-how in a box“ products like templates or checklists. ProvenX allows lawyers to scale earnings on their know-how, and provides relevant in-use content for end users on demand. To make our platform ever more powerful, we further leverage drafting automation and AI based text creation. The flexible model makes our first product “provenlaw“ available to 3.3M lawyers of the $13.3B OECD online legal services market, and lets us expand into distributing the knowledge of comparable industries like engineering or management consulting.



    Theorem LTS is building the first integrated legal technology marketplace that powers contextual awareness and adoption of digital solutions for the legal industry, while coaching legal professionals through their workflow. Theorem is bringing law firms and corporate legal departments into the future by enabling them to accelerate their use of AI and other new technologies–making it easier to deliver better client experiences at scale.



    Many people don’t realize that when a loved one dies, they are going to be spend an average of 16 months and over $12,000, not including the funeral, to deal with courts, banks, government agencies and service providers.


    Tusk leads people through the fragmented and painful world of estate settlement by streamlining the 100+ tasks into a single, online location. Tusk offers families specialized assistance in managing all their loved one’s affairs from dealing with the courts to distributing assets. Tusk will get you through through the process with transparency from beginning to end, giving you the freedom to grieve.





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