• 2018 Programming


  • Program Outcomes



    Give our students a space to acquire new skills and ideas relating to the future of legal services.



    Create a hub connecting UC Hastings to the wider legal and legal tech communities.



    Be a go-to resource to find and generate early stage legal tech ideas.

  • Program Elements


    Legal Tech Incubator

    A "Live + Digital" Incubator

    LexLab is creating an online incubator for early-stage legal tech startups. Founding teams in our first cohort will have access to content delivered daily over 3 months, including videos, business lessons, and startup materials. This curriculum is designed to cover the important concepts and information necessary for entrepreneurs launching and running their legal tech companies.


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    Legal Tech classes taught at UC Hastings

    LexLab leverages the classes our professors have created at the intersection of law, innovation and technology. Snippets of these classes will be made available to our online LexLab community. The first available videos will be sourced from:

    Legal Tech Startups - Professor Alice Armitage.

    Artificial Intelligence and the Law- Professor Francis McGovern


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    Online Resources

    Toolkits and webinars online

    LexLab will create and curate content that allows law firms, students, lawyers and anyone in the legal profession to acquire the fundamental entrepreneurial skills needed to build and sustain legal service delivery innovation.


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    Speaker Series + Meetups

    Events and Meetups in the San Francisco Bay Area

    Join us at one of our meetups and speaker series events to get connected to both aspiring and established legal tech practitioners as we connect people and teams. We bring an array of speakers to share their insights on legal tech and related matters.


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    Special Projects

    Multi-displinary teams creating legal-tech prototypes

    LexLab Special Projects will make use of multidisciplinary teams to create prototypes for a legal tech innovation. We are currently working with partners to identify opportunities. Please contact us if you would like to submit an idea or be part of a LexLab special projects team.


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